Hillsboro Academy

Other Names: School No. 1 (1875), School No. 3 (1896)

Earliest Documented: 1797

Latest Documented: 1897

Tags: Segregated White Schools

Primary Source: Cochrane

Other Sources: 1875 Isler Map, 1897 Saulsbury Map, USGS GNIS Placenames.

Structure Exists: Possibly

Precision: 10 meters


“The building was begun in 1797 and was originally intended only for a local school but with the passing of the School Act of 1798 it was incorporated as a Secondary School. … In 1878 the school was taken over by the County Board of Education, who replaced the old building by erecting a more modern two-room structure for a graded school. Categorized as Academy (state-aided) 1797-1878.” (Cochrane)

Categorized as Public School in 1918, Two-Room School in 1924, 1928, and 1933, Two-Teacher School in 1925. (Denton Journal)

Geographic location is are for the school-like building in 6-in orthographic imagery. Mapped location adjusted to align with USGS GNIS.

Location Precision: 10 meters

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