Public Sale of Valuable

Having decided to leave the State and having no further use for my property, I will sell at public sale, at my home at the Adams Landing Poultry Farm, 1 mile from Denton on the Greensboro road, commencing at 10 o’clock, rain or shine.  I am selling all my property, as I am going to move to Boston, Mass., and I will have no use for same.     



About 250 Plymouth Rock pullets, about 20 Plymouth Rock cockerels, about 100 Leghorn hens.

Household and Other Goods

Refrigerator, kitchen stool, ironing stand, lots of dishes, cooking utensils, 3 work tables, dining-room table, 14 dining chairs, medicine cabinet, range, 3-burner “Perfection” oil stove, baking board, aluminum pail, 5 rockers, Oliver typewriter, book shelves, child’s chair and rocker and high chair, extension cot, stand, mission oak library table, 9×12 carpet, lot of small rugs, stair carpet, linoleum, 4 beds and springs, 3 bureaus, 2 washstands, child’s bed, 2 Rayo lamps, 2 small lamps, gasoline iron, lot of canned fruit, glass jars, baby walker, set of Ford coils, shot gun, small Victrola and 50 records, woven wash basket, piano, galvanized tubs, wash board, lawn swing and stand, “pup” tent, mosquito tent, wringer, garden tools, rake, hoe, wheel hand cultivator, power washer, egg scales, carpet sweeper, 1923 Ford Sedan, 50-tooth harrow, carriage, 50-gallon steel drum, sewing machine, churn, mattress, lot of parcel post egg cartons, pails, 3 horse-poer marine motor, spray pump, 4 Magic brooders, 4 lard cans, wheelbarrow, 1 Fairbanks-Morse 1-1/2 horse-power stationary engine.

This property is to be sold without reserve, the greater part of it is as good as new.  The Plymouth Rock pullets have been carefully selected for breeding purposes; the cockerels are a fine lot of birds, the Leghorn hens are in the best of condition.  I expected big things out of this bunch of chickens this winter.  My range is as good as new, equipped with hot water reservoir.  Brooder stoves are 500 capacity, good as new.  Come early, rain or shine.

It’s 1927Here.