Tilghman Island Landing

Other names:  Black Walnut Cove, Fairbank

Tilghman Island Landing is shown on the Tilghman Island, U.S. Geological Survey, topographic map.  The landing is located on the east side of Tilghman Island at Fairbank in Blackwalnut Cove.  Tilghman Island was served by the Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Railroad Company steamboats from at least 1906 until 1921.

The island was occupied by the British in the spring 1813 and again in 1814.  In October of 1814, the British landed about 1,000 troops, built two barracks and were supplied with about 400 head of cattle.

THE ENEMY We learn by a gentleman who arrived here [Annapolis] on Tuesday night in an open boat from Choptank River, that the enemy have landed from their squadron about 1000 men and built two houses for barracks, on Tilghman Island.  He states they are well supplied with cattle, having nearly 400 head (Maryland Gazette and Political Intelligencer, October 27, 1814).

(Choptank River Cultural Resources Inventory, 1999-2002)

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